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Welcome to the home page of Global Track Australia. Established in 2005, we’re dedicated to offering our clients more when it comes to overhead bridge cranes. Our Melbourne, Victoria headquarters is home to a state of the art research and development facility where we’ve been refining our patented manual bridge cranes to incorporate even more safety and adaptability features.

Our overhead cranes are already in use in several Melbourne facilities, as well as plants around the world; see our Case Studies and Clients pages for examples of how we could revolutionise safety and flexibility in your operations. Want a custom overhead crane system? The Global Track can even be adapted to suit your workflow requirements.

Explore the specifications of our bridge cranes for sale via the Products menu at the top of the page. To discuss your plant’s unique needs, contact our office on +61 3 5275 3252 now.

When the Ford Motor Company's Research and Development Centre in Victoria was seeking a cost-effective, reliable lifting solution, it had no hesitation in choosing Global Track. For the past five years, Global Track, manufacturers of the award winning Global Track overhead bridge crane system, has supplied custom design and built bridge cranes and electrical chain hoists to the Ford R&D Centre."We chose Global Track mainly because of their low friction runways and anti-crabbing design in their bridge cranes," says Ford Facilities Engineer Tony Golabloski. "Also, their close proximity to our plant makes it quick and easy to deal with,"he says.

Mr Golaboski says Global Track's bridge cranes and hoists have greatly assisted in the Centre's daily operations. "The main gain has been no OHS issues regarding push-pull forces required to operate their bridge cranes, he says. "They are light and smooth to operate... more so than the competition. They have certainly reached our expectations." Mr Golaboski was also impressed with Global Track's after sales service. "They provide a good, friendly service," he says. "I would definitely recommend them."
Based in Geelong, Global Track is a lifting company with a proud history. Global Track has the distinction of designing and developing the world's first pivotal crane up to 15m in length - the longest bridge available. Global Track has improved the function of existing overhead manual cranes to a higher standard by developing the revolutionary new system. The system uses straight-forward engineering principles - the ergonomic design features a pivotal bearing and levered swinging U-hanger producing a crane with a fluid motion.

The unique pivotal system has the load applied between the pivot points allowing a lever reaction, which reduces the operator effort. Unlike static track cranes, which require significant operator effort and are prone to jamming, Global Track works with ease. It will not jam, will increase efficiency, improve production and will help to reduce workplace injuries. Because the system requires far less effort, the size of the bridge can be greatly increased. Global Track manufactures manual functional cranes from 150kg up to 2 tonne - with 15m bridges.

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