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02A-line pumps Sydney 03ESCO Brisbane 1 (3) 04Oz Press Ballarat 05Ford 06Ford 07ford 08Shop Front

Pump Manufacture - 1 tonne bridge crane 6m, free standing crane frame 12m x 24m with 6 Bridge cranes

ESCO, Brisbane - 500kg bridge crane 4.5m, free standing with 4 bridge cranes

OZ Press, Ballarat - 2 tonne bridge crane 12m, free standing crane frame 12x12 m

Ford, Geelong - 1 tonne bridge crane 10m long, roof mounted

Ford, Geelong - 1 tonne bridge crane 6m long, 3 bridge cranes

Ford, Geelong - 1 tonne bridge crane 12m long, roof mounted

Shop Front - 1 tonne bridge crane, 15m long

The Local Leader in Hoists and Overhead Cranes for Sale

Welcome to the home page of Global Track Australia. Established in 2005, we’re dedicated to offering our clients more when it comes to overhead bridge cranes. Our Melbourne, Victoria headquarters is home to a state of the art research and development facility where we’ve been refining our patented manual bridge cranes to incorporate even more safety and adaptability features.

Our overhead cranes are already in use in several Melbourne facilities, as well as plants around the world; see our Case Studies and Clients pages for examples of how we could revolutionise safety and flexibility in your operations. Want a custom overhead crane system? The Global Track can even be adapted to suit your workflow requirements.

Explore the specifications of our bridge cranes for sale via the Products menu at the top of the page. To discuss your plant’s unique needs, contact our office on +61 3 5275 3252 now.

Solutions to Increase Workplace Productivity & Safety!

Case Study: Ford R&D Centre


External Running Track System


Custom Globaltrack System


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Global Track Australia

  • An Australian owned and operated company focusing on the design, development and implementation of lifting equipment.

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